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Re: [MOL] to lillian/Reply to Andy

Hi Andy,

My mother-in-law had breast cancer (treated with a radical mastectomy and 
radiation) in 1984 and then 4 years later was diagnosed with a melanoma which 
required surgery and radiation.  Today, she is a healthy, active 72 year old 
woman who works out every day!  There was no reoccurance of either cancer.

As Lillian and the others have said, the very best thing you can do is fight 
your fear with education.  Make sure you understand what the doctors are 
telling you about your rx and ask them as many questions as you need to in 
order to make good decisions in partnership with your doctors.

The one thing we have all discovered is that because cancer is such an 
insideous disease, there are many highs and lows during the course of 
treatment; we often refer to it as a roller coaster ride.  I have found it 
helpful not to count on the highs lasting or fearing that the lows won't go 
away.  I simply embrace the highs, and endure the lows, knowing that in the 
end the right thing will happen.

And since I'm waxing philosophical this fine Sunday morning, I'll add one 
more thought.  When illness or tragedy hits, a lot of people waste energy 
trying to ask the question "Why did this happen to me (or my loved one)?"  We 
all know stuff happens and if it wasn't happening to me it would be happening 
to someone else.  So I prefer to pose an alternate question.  "Now that this 
has happened what do I need to do to deal with it?"

That's why this forum is so wonderful.  As I've been trying to come to terms 
with my nephew's cancer, this group has fed me leads on information and been 
incredibly supportive (both directly with mails to me and inderectly as I 
read mails between other Molers).  It has been amazing to find so many other 
people who have had to navigate the the same road I am navigating as we work 
our way through this journey.

So, welcome to our forum Andy!  I know you will also find the synergy on this 
forum will help you with both the education side and the emotional/supportive 
side while you are working out how to deal with your diagnosis and treatment.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Your friend,  Kathy Q 
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