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Re: [MOL] Colon cancer diet

Dear Jeanne,

YOu are doing so much,,,,,,there are so many things for all of us to
try, but you have covered the wealthies of therapies for us to learn and
succeed with. WE are adding to our enemas to cleanse
and detoxify the liver and colon. You get use to it....

Also the necessities of the wellness principles besides nutrition is
loads of spirituality, psychoogical methods such as meditation and
guided imagery, purpose for living categories such as hobbies and
vacations, and much much in the way of positive support as we receive
from you and all the mOlers. 

Am very very proud of you and the extraordinary determination and
perseverance in your quest to be well.

God Bless You,
marty auslander

Jeanne Kissinger wrote:
> Marty would have a lot of info on this. Basically, one of the
> researchers here at our university did a study on long term survivors of
> cancer. Rather he reserched what was published on this. James my husband
> brought it home, hard reading. I can't find the study but I remember the
> last name "Foster". I will ask my husband. Anyway, most people switched
> to a mainly veggie diet. So we consulted a naturopath, and he said no
> processed foods, salads or if they gave me gas, to lightly cook my
> veggies (stir fry, steaming). We use olive oil mostly for all our
> cooking (extra-virgin). There are different types of olive oil for
> salads, cooking, flavour, etc. For the colon, broccoli, aspargus, and
> any cole or dark leave veggie is the best. He recommended soy products,
> (not fermented), soups, no dairy foods, 100% whole grains, (brown rice,
> pasta). Sugar in all its forms is a no-no. (I cheat on brown sugar for
> my cereal and organic maple sugar) We have eaten this way for so long I
> forget now. A good multi-vit is recommended and I do take vitamin E
> (natural or succinate)and a baby aspirin every other day. I drink lots
> of water and green tea is my staple for drinking. We get very creative
> with our soy recipes. I have been lucky that my daughter has been to
> Japan and likes to cook Japanese food. Ditto Chinese food. We eat little
> meat so we eat beans, we do eat fish. We make our own granola as well.
> It is a drastic change from the meat and potatoes diet. McDonalds and
> fries are thing of the past. We eat organic when we can and it is
> becoming easier to do this as the boomers jump on the organic food band
> wagon. I take digestive enzymes and acidophilus. Over-eating is a no no.
> Try to prevent constipation (water, fiber!).
> Did I miss anything????? Jeanne
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