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[MOL] Kathy Q

Title: Kathy Q

Kathy Q,

My heart goes out to you lady, I follow both your nephew's story & Brandi's boyfriends battle too.  Leukemia is a very ugly disease.  My grandmother lost her battle but that was a long time ago and they have made alot of advances in the last 13 years.  I have alot of hope for Tommy.  He has everything he needs to win, faith, family, a strong spirit.  I know you said you had never been particularly religious.  Only in the last few years have I been pulled closer & closer to God.  I, too, had to 'learn' how to pray and at first I felt very unworthy at my attempts.  I truly believe God led me to him because he knew how much I would need him in dealing with my Mother's cancer.  Good luck in your spiritual journey, I just wanted to tell you that as a former non-believer, I am so grateful for his grace and the strength he has given me.  No more preaching, just know that I am pulling for you & your family.  Your nephew sounds like a beautiful soul.