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[MOL] Colonscopy Nanc

Nanc, I had a several of these. Never bothered me as I am so sensitive
to the drug they give you, I popped right off and never remembered a
thing. Even the stuff you have to drink has improved. The hardest part
is the prep! Need a few good books in the can (or a TV). They must have
used a different drug last time as I was more or less awake and watched
the tube make its way - saw it on the monitor. I feel more for the doc,
imagine doing this for a living! Jeanne

> "Barham, Dusti # IHTUL" wrote:
> Nancy, good luck with your colon test tomorrow, I know my Mom hates
> the test.  I hope by the time I reach the age of 50, they come up with
> something less invasive.  That kind of stuff scares me to death, I'm
> not sure how I made it through childbirth, I guess I didn't have a
> choice.  Anyway, good luck tomorrow and I'm glad to hear that your
> life is going better.  Great news!!!
> Regards,
> Dusti
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>      Subject:        Fw: [MOL] Don came home today....back to Lil
>      HI Lil,
>      I won't be bored for awhile, today I have to drink all that stuff
>      for the colonoscopy that I have to have tomorrow.  I drove the
>      morning run for Kids on the Go today, also done that run
>      yesterday, then Friday I drive the noon and afternoon runs.
>      I also have more print jobs to do.
>      Can you believe that Don drove my car 4 miles to have coffee with
>      all his friends, he has always done that every morning that he
>      could go.  He is one tough cookie.
>      Hi pulse rate is still down so for now he is out of danger.  I
>      have the machine that I put on his finger to check his oxygen and
>      pulse rate, if he sounds funny I check it, otherwise just 4 to 6
>      times a day.
>      Life is good again.
>      Thanks for everyones support, God bless you all,
>      Nanc ():-)
>      I would like to find more time to be online, not so yet.
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>           From: Lillian
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>           Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 1:43 AM
>           Subject: Re: [MOL] Don came home today....
>           Nanc, we appreciate you taking the time out to keep us all
>           posted on your Don.  His heart will probably shape right up
>           now that he doesn't have the pretty nurses pinching him!
>           Glad you are getting some help and the next time you will
>           write you will be telling us how boring it is to be stuck
>           home all the time!!!!  Prayers, lillian
>           Warmly, lillian
>           We invite you to take a look at our
>           Album.
>           www.angelfire.com/sc/molangels/index.html
>             ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work
>           and much more....
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>                Paula Serritella ; Sandi Aycock
>                Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 6:48 PM
>                Subject: [MOL] Don came home today....
>                The Doctor said there is nothing we can do but hope the
>                medicine will keep the heart slowed down, he cannot
>                have any surgeries.
>                The Heart won't go into the normal rhythm, so he will
>                have to take it easy, and the nurse and Doctor that
>                comes to the house will have to watch him very close.
>                The Mobile Truck for x rays came and took x rays of
>                both Mother and Don in their bedrooms today, I didn't
>                even know that they done that, sure will save a lot of
>                running.  The nurse comes tomorrow to check his blood
>                and the Doctor comes this
>                Friday.  I guess the only time I need to take them out
>                is when they need to be put in the Hospital.  Sounds
>                good to me.
>                Don sure is happy to be home, and I am happy to have
>                him home too, it was much to quiet without him here.
>                That's all for now.
>                God Bless you all,
>                Nanc ():-)
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