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Re: [MOL] An update on Tommy...

Hi i would like to reply to Tommy. I also had a BMT for Aml on June
17,1999. The transplant really isn't that bad. It's a little more intense
than the induction chemo, but bedsides that it's about the same. I had
consolidation chemo also before my transplant. Your nephew sounds very
strong and his faith in God will surely see him through. You have to go
in as a warrior and FIGHT! Then let God take over and have his hands lift
you back to life. I love him so much everyday I tell him thank-you for
giving me another beautiful day on earth. I'm not saying any of this is
easy but it is a very small price to pay to live. It's been 8 months
since my tansplant and I feel great! I wish I could know that I'm cured
for sure but I have to wait for 2-3yrs. to know. Please by all means
e-mail me at home if you, tommy or his wife would like to talk to me. I
had my transplant ay Barbara Ann Karmanos in Detroit MI. Your friend for
"life" Nancy
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