[MOL] Don came home today.... [01315] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Don came home today....

The Doctor said there is nothing we can do but hope the medicine will keep the heart slowed down, he cannot have any surgeries.
The Heart won't go into the normal rhythm, so he will have to take it easy, and the nurse and Doctor that comes to the house will have to watch him very close.
The Mobile Truck for x rays came and took x rays of both Mother and Don in their bedrooms today, I didn't even know that they done that, sure will save a lot of running.  The nurse comes tomorrow to check his blood and the Doctor comes this
Friday.  I guess the only time I need to take them out is when they need to be put in the Hospital.  Sounds good to me.
Don sure is happy to be home, and I am happy to have him home too, it was much to quiet without him here.
That's all for now.
God Bless you all,
Nanc ():-)