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I oversee the MOL Cancer Forum.  I rarely comment on postings because I feel I should be neutral in my opinions.  However, when our office received a phone call from a Dr. looking for Dr. Burznski's information, I asked my boss if he knew of him or had the information.  My boss also felt after much reading that Dr. Burznski is in this totally for the money.  Dr. Burznski did not have any proven trials of his treatments.  I eventually was able to give the Dr. the info. but only as a help to the physician.
Be very careful with his clinic and see if you can get them to send you any copies of published journal articles of their trial results.  Or even if they can point you in the right direction to get this information.  Check with NCI also on him.  I have no input or influence either way.  Good Luck,
Ann Dunn
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UltiTech, Inc.
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I have beenin contact with Dr. Burzynski's clinic and have their complete paperwork in my hands.  We've gone back and forth on whether or not to seek treatment here.  I will give you the website following.  Two different onco's went balistic when I mentioned his name, clinic etc. and it makes me extremely uncertain.  They say it is a scam and  he's in it totally for the money and doesn't have anything to prove his work.  Julian Whittaker (doctor out of California) says he would take himself and/or his family at the first hint of cancer he believes so completely in his work.  I do know it is extremely expensive and unlikely to be covered by health insurance.  I called and talked directly to one of the doctors and he tells me we would know in 4 to 6 weeks whether or not their treatment was working.  He's located in Houston, Texas.   I know I'm rambling, but I'm trying to say as much as I can and get this out to you asap.

If anyone reading this has any first hand knowledge of this clinic I really need to hear from you.

Peggy Hall

Good luck Peggy W, please keep me informed if you go for it or not.  If you need to talk about anything, I would be more than happy to talk with you.  Peggy H

Wesener Peggy wrote:


I'm looking for Dr. Burzinski.  It was suggested that I try to contact him and see if he can give me some guidance with the problem noted below.

Thank you.

I'm looking for guidance.  I was in a Health Food Store the other day and
>picked up your book IP-6 with Inositol Question and Answer Book. My
>husband is a 48 year old, healthy male who was diagnosed with pelvic
>sarcoma in March of 1999.  The tumor is high grade and they do not know if
>it originated from the bone or the tissue.  He had pain in his leg for the
>last two years prior to be diagnosed, however, it was nothing that a few
>aspirins didn't help and then the pain went away for a few
>months.  Therefore, he assumed it was from all the bending that he did at
>work.  Last March his leg swelled at work and after going to the doctor
>for tests, they found that he had a tumor in his pelvic area. After
>numerous scans/biopsies, etc. they told him that the only cure would be a
>hemi-pelvectomy to remove the tumor.  We then seeked other doctor's
>opinions and went to Milwaukee.  There they started him on chemo for about
>six months.  He was in hospital every four weeks for a one week
>period.  This reduced the tumor about 20%, but they continued to say that
>the only cure would be operating and removing the tumor.  They said it was
>a fast growing tumor and if he did not have surgery that he would die.
>After more opinions and careful thought, we thought to save his life, he
>would go through the hemipelvectomy.  In December, 1999 we scheduled the
>surgery.  During surgery they found that the tumor had spread to his lower
>back area.  Now..they are now sure if the tumor was always there and the
>scans did not pick it up or if it had grown.  To date, they still are not
>sure.  He now is doing radiation for five weeks (he's in his third
>week).  They're doing radiation so that they possibly can reduce the tumor
>but so that they can do radiation during surgery to insure that the tumor
>does not have a chance to spread.  However, before they can do the
>hemipelvectomy, they want to do a prior surgery moving his bladder and
>rectum to one side so that they can get at the tumor that is located in
>the lower back area.  Now we are running into many risks which are two
>major surgeries,  possibly having a bag for your bladder, a bag for your
>rectum and dysfunction of these organs in addition to sexual
>dysfunction.  Then, they want to later do the hemipelvectomy.  They cannot
>give us a percentage of success rate and they don't know how close this
>tumor is laying to the spinal area which may cause more problems with him
>even to walk with his good leg. Therefore, we are having major second
>thoughts about not going ahead with the surgeries and we were looking for
>alternative plans.  At the health store a clerk recommended your book.  My
>husband is on numerous herbs, vitamins and the IP6 with inositol.  We're
>now not looking to cure the tumor but to prevent it for spreading. This is
>where I need your help.  Do you feel the IP6 with Inositol would be
>something he should take in quantity and would help prevent the spreading
>of the tumor. Any help you could give me in this matter would be greatly
>appreciated.  We're at a lose, and do not know which way to turn at this
>time. I would appreciate a quick response to this E-mail.
>         Thank you in advance.
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