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[MOL] Marijuana for Brain Cancer?

  FEBRUARY 29, 2000

Marijuana for Brain Cancer?

      Marijuana-like drugs destroyed some brain cancer cells in animals, helping them to live longer, but brain cancer experts are unimpressed by the results.
      The findings, published in the March issue of Nature Medicine, are aimed at helping scientists find new treatments for this often-fatal disease. Researchers from Complutense and Autonoma universities in Madrid, Spain, compared the outcomes of rats with the brain cancer glioma after treating half of them with an active ingredient found in marijuana called THC.
      The rats that didn't receive treatment died within 18 days. Tumors in three of the treated rats disappeared, and nine other treated rats survived up to 35 days.
      Brain cancer specialists say the glioma in these rats was not a very good imitation of glioma in humans, therefore the findings may not translate well into new therapies for people with this disease.

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