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Re: [MOL] What is a normal tumor marker reading?/Reply

In my opinion a  normal tumor marker for a Ca-125 is 35 and below.  However, there are other things that can effect a tumor marker and cause it to rise, infections; etc.  It does not necessarily mean you have cancer; however your doctor will watch the marker and perhaps requests certain tests to rule out cancer.  A tumor marker for those with cancer is an alert system of what may be happening.  If it is dropping it means the therapy is working, if it rises, it mean's the opposite, the tumor is not responding.  Hope this helps and welcome to our forum.  Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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Subject: [MOL] What is a normal tumor marker reading?

Can you tell me what a normal tumor marker is?  I had a ca125 test performed and  the reading was 47 and the low to normal range was below 35.  What does this mean.  Respond to me:   Thanks Jolene WIlliams