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Hi Dawn!  Welcome to our wonderful forum; which is now your forum too.  I wish it were under a different set of circumstances that we meet.  I believe you will find many that will be able to help you in lots of different ways.  I am including much information on VP-16.  Others will have more knowledge in say stomach and other area's.  Your friend, lillian
VP-16 (Etoposide) VP-16 is one of the newer chemotherapy drugs which has been around for many years. It is an active medicine against many cancers. VP-16 is a clear and colorless liquid, and is given by intravenous route only. Prior to administration, VP

2. Brain Tumor Treatments: VP-16
Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors: Brain Tumor Treatments: VP-16 Sponsored By Please Click On The Above Banner For More Details Oral Etopodise (VP-16) For Brain Tumors By Kerryn Brookes CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC DRUG NAME: VP-16

3. VePesid, VP-16產品資訊
x灣必治妥施貴寶股份有­­公司-醫藥事業單位 VePesid, VP-16 (Etoposide 100mg/amp, 100mg/vial, 50mg/cap., 100mg/cap.) Description: Paclitaxel is a parenteral antineoplastic agent. It is a diterpenoid taxane derivative from the bark of the Pacific yew tree

4. Etoposide, VePesid, VP-16
Texas Cancer Online Drug Information Return to Drug Chart Drug: Etoposide, VePesid, VP-16 Etoposide, VePesid, VP-16 is one of the newer chemotherapy drugs which has been around for many years. It is an active medicine against many cancers. Etoposide is

5. Etoposide (VP-16
ETOPOSIDE (VP-16) Etoposide has significant activity in both primary and salvage treatment, particularly when combined with a platinum drug. Sections: Primary Treatment Salvage Treatment: - Single Drug - Combination Drugs Primary Treatment Table of

6. VPNAVY - United States Navy Patrol Squadrons VP-16 Shipmate Summary Page
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8. Drug Information: VP-16
Drug Information Service VP-16 Possible Side Effects: What Can Be Done/What You Can Do: Low blood pressure can occur if infused in less than 30 minutes. Drug will be infused over 1 hour. Blood pressure will be monitored. Soreness of IV site after

9. Etoposide (VP-16-213) - carbon-14 and tritium labeled radiochemicals
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10. Etop鏀ido (VP 16
Grupo 17: Oncolog燰 Etop鏀ido (VP 16). Cat嫮ogo Clave Forma Farmac徼tica Indicaciones V燰 de Administraci鏮 y Dosis 4230 SOLUCI粍 INYECTABLE Frasco de dosis mltiples con 100 mg. en cada 5 ml. Carcinoma de c幨ulas peque鎙s del pulm鏮, Leucemia no

Warmly, lillian
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Hello Molers,
I'm happy that I found this site.  My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Dec 1998.  During debulking surgery in early Jan 1999, two very large tumors were removed from each ovary (she had appeared to be 9 months pregnant prior to surgery -- the tumors had grown this large over a three week period in Dec).  The cancer was also found in her liver as well as the peritoneum. 
She began chemo in Mar 1999, receiving carboplatin and taxol.  She weathered the chemo quite well, never really getting naseous, etc.  Her tumor marker (CA 125) continued to decrease throughout the first half of 1999, down to a low of 4 during the summer.  However, in Sept, the CA 125 began to creep upwards and by Nov 1999 was up to 45 or 50.  A cat scan revealed the cancer had spread to the stomach.  A new chemo treatment began in early Dec 1999 -- topotekan was administered five days in a row with a two week break. 
A cat scan in early Feb 2000 revealed additional cancer spots on the liver and stomach.  Her (not too symptathetic) oncologist informed her that there was nothing else to be done; to write up a living will and take a vacation.  I, of course, contacted the oncologist for further clarification, as well as seeking a second opinion at Sloan Kettering.  Working with these two oncologists, she is now scheduled to begin oral etoposide (VP 16) after meeting with oncologist #1 later today.  She has been taking various herbal products throughout treatment, such as milk thistle, grape seed extract and astragalus, though not all during the actual chemo cycles.  Two weeks ago she began drinking Essiac tea three times per day.
I guess I'm looking to see if anyone has had any experience with the VP 16 or the Essiac tea or . . . whatever.  As I'm sure you're all aware, we're willing to try just about anything.  Thank you all for any info and support you can offer.