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Re: [MOL] Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese.....IMPORTANT READING

Dear Marty: 
    Just read your post about theabove.
Flax oil is part of my husband's  new12 point regime (of which I am dubious 
to say the least):
  24 cups of green tea or the equivalent (we use Pharminex pharmaceutical 
strenth decaf capsules)
  3 vials of Cartilcell (frozen liquid shark cartilege) a day
  15 cold pressed flaxseed pills a day
   2 Vit D 3, 1000 units
   2 80 mg megasoy 4 times a day
   9 pancrease MT20 enzymes 3 times a day
   9 bromelin 3 x a day
   2 minocin (antibiotic) a day
(I have added on my own 100 mg Q10)
This was prescirbed by an Chinese internist who had been with Sloan Kettering 
for 10 years.  Frankly I am dubious about the effects of so many pills and we 
were given no guidance about which to take on an empty stomach or with meals, 
which might not mix together (for example I read that soy inhibits the work 
of pancreatic enzymes).  Now I read about adding cottage cheese to flax.  
Well my husband is Japanese and pretty much allergic to dairy products and we 
both loathe cottage cheese.  Is there any product you know of that would 
dupicate the ingredient derived from cottage cheese?
    Floundering in New York.  Bess
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