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[MOL] Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese.....IMPORTANT READING


This is a forward from another list that may be of interest to some. I
have some strong positive feelings about Flax Seed Oil and cottage
cheese combinations and have spoken to many that are taking this
combination and who have told me about positive successes. The following
is an additional support to my feelings.

God Bless You
marty auslander

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From: Sue Norris <sen@calweb.com>
To: FlaxSeedOil@onelist.com <FlaxSeedOil@onelist.com>
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2000 5:48 PM
Subject: [FlaxSeedOil] Dr. Budwig's successes

Dear Damon (and everyone else who's interested),

Last year when I was thinking of writing an article on the benefits of
oil and cottage cheese for treating cancer, I called Dr. Budwig in
and spoke with her directly.  She was reluctant to give specifics, since
was involved with an upcoming court case being brought against her by
she described as the German equivalent of Kenneth Starr.  (She said at
time, that she's been taken to court before, but has always prevailed,
that she could do it again.)
She said that the medical establishment is against her because she
to combine her treatment with chemo and/or other standard treatments
can break down the immune system.  It should be noted that Dr. Budwig
been nominated not once, but seven times, for the Nobel Prize for her
research.  She didn't want me to write an article in layman's terms
her work, because she felt it would diminish its importance.  She did
me that she has successfully treated cancer patients whose doctors had
them only weeks or days to live, and said that at that time she was
treating patients who come to her from all over the world.  She didn't
mention specific types of cancer.  But said she has had a success rate
approaching 98%.  I asked her to translate that into an actual figure,
she said the number of patients she's successfully treated is
1000.  She also said that a hospital in Spain is using her methods, and
experienced a similar rate of success.  She urged me to fly to Germany
see her work for myself.

During the time when I was gathering information for my proposed
article, I
was informed that the market was already flooded with research articles
showing that flax oil (while promising) has not been shown to be a cure

I read two of these articles at that time (though I can't remember what
magazines they were in).  Each said that flax oil had helped, but not
or even significantly reduced the cancer it was being used to treat. 
key factor that was missing in this research was the need for a sulfur
protein combined with the Omega 3 found in the flax oil.  I tried to
convince several editors that my proposed article differed from the
in that it tells of Dr. Budwig's research and the need for the protein
in quark or cottage cheese.  But the editors weren't interested.

I have personally spoken by phone to six of the people Cliff tells about
his tape.  They basically told me the same thing they told him.  Of the
people I've convinced to try the flax oil and cottage cheese for their
cancer (prostate, stomach, bone, and/or lymphoma), here are the results

Two started taking it and were beginning to see results.  One of these
had a
PSA of 7, and the flax oil and cottage cheese brought it down to point
The other had bone cancer.  The prostate cancer patient's doctor told
nothing could work that fast.  He said the flax oil must be masking the
symptoms, and told him to stop taking it .  He did, and his PSA went
up.  The doctor removed his prostate and performed an angioplasty.  The
cancer patient's doctor told her only chance of survival was a massive
of chemo.  She took it, and it killed her within 24 hours.

A third started, then quit, then started again, then quit again without
giving it a chance.  She is currently in the hospital, being given a
to live.

A former prostate cancer sufferer (number 4)  who had his prostate
before hearing about Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese now has a cancerous
on his spine.  He started taking 6 T of oil with 1 1/4 c of cottage
cheese a
day.  After one month, his PSA had dropped from the high 30's to two
five.  He is ecstatic, and looking forward to his next bone scan.

A friend's grandmother (number 5),  who's been taking it for about a
hasn't yet let me know whether she's seeing any results.

The remaining two are now cancer free.

Sue Norris Holmes
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