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[MOL] Good Morning

Good Day All,

I am not one to believe or seek statistics, but I personally have some

very good friends who are affected by this condition, lung cancer, and I

find the following information to be very positive. What is not said is,

that each day that goes by, conventional and alternative medical trials

and treatments become more progressive so that say in a year or so,

those statistics or results of life expectancies will be more pronounced

in a positive way. Hope you find the following information to be more of

a positive nature than negative.

Long-Term Lung Cancer Survival More Likely In Women Than In Men

WESTPORT, Dec 29 (Reuters Health) - Women are more than twice as

likely as men to live at least 10 years after having surgery for

lung cancer.  Also, patients younger than age 50 years are 2.5

times more likely to survive this long than those age 60 years

and older, according to Dr.  Christine Bouchardy, of the Geneva

Cancer Registry, in Switzerland, and colleagues.  The

investigators assessed characteristics associated with lung

cancer survival in more than 400 men and women who underwent

"surgery presumed to be curative" for lung cancer from 1977 to

1987.  Cure was defined as survival for 10 years or more after

surgery, since "...only a few patients died of their lung cancer

afterward," The researchers explain in the December 1st issue of




God Bless All,

marty auslander
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