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Re: [MOL] signet ringdel carcinoma

Hl Karume,   I am a 73 yr old lady who has also had a resection for colon 
cancer, with one lymphnode involved.  I had what  is called adjunctive 
therapy of 5 fu and lukivoran for five months.  This therapy is reported to 
have a 60% remission  potential.   However, after 5 months, my cea, which is 
cancer tumor marker. showed and increase, which indicated a proliferation of 
cancer cells.  I have just started an aggressive treatment of cpt 11 which is 
only 30% remission potential.   I have never heard the phrase signet ringdel 
carcinoma.  But I hope my history is of help in finding out more for your 

Prays are with you.  Sylvia K.
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