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[MOL] Kenny and Luiza

Hello everyone,

Thanks Marty for the liver - colon article. At the time Kenny had his surgery 
the studies were inconclusive on the pump we discussed with his surgeon and 
he was going to install it but during the operation he came out to talk to me 
and explained to me that he was having difficulties with bleeding and he 
didn't want to put Kenny at more risk of complications. Together we decided 
not to install it .....it seems two weeks later all the news on this forum 
was to go with it. We will ask his surgeon if he should reconsider of course 
Kenny does not want another surgical procedure . Marty I want to wish you and 
Barb a peaceful day basking in the warmth of all your wonderful memories of 
the past and laying out plans for the ones yet to come, Happy Anniversary.  
Luiza and Kenny
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