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[MOL] Freezing Prostate Cancer

Good Day All,

thought this information may be of some use.

God Bless You All,
marty auslander

Freezing Cancer Cells
                       an Option for Prostate
                       Cancer Patients 

                       NEW YORK, Jan 07 (Reuters Health) --
                       Prostate cancer patients who do not
                       respond to radiation therapy may
                       benefit from a procedure in which
                       cancer cells are frozen and destroyed,
                       US researchers report in the journal

                       The investigators found that 97% of
                       these patients with cancer confined to
                       the prostate gland remained free of
                       cancer for nearly 2 years after
                       undergoing this procedure, known as

                       "The evidence that freezing destroys
                       cancer cells is indisputable," the
                       authors conclude, adding that
                       cryotherapy is "a viable option in the
                       management of patients who have
                       biopsy proven local failure following
                       radiation therapy for prostate cancer."

                       About 54,000 patients, or 30% of those
                       diagnosed with prostate cancer each
                       year, undergo radiation therapy as their
                       primary therapy. However, cancer will
                       recur in about 40% of these patients,
                       according to the report.

                       Current treatment options for patients
                       with recurring prostate cancer include
                       radical prostatectomy, a complicated
                       surgical procedure that can lead to
                       incontinence and impotence; and
                       hormone therapy, which can delay
                       disease progression but does not
                       shrink tumors.

                       The study, by Dr. Aaron Katz and
                       colleagues with Columbia-Presbyterian
                       Medical Center in New York, included
                       43 prostate cancer patients, average
                       age 69 years, who had cryosurgery
                       because radiation therapy failed to cure
                       their disease.

                       Patients received hormone therapy for
                       3 months to shrink the size of the
                       prostate gland and then underwent
                       cryosurgery. Every 3 months, the
                       investigators performed tests to check
                       for cancer. At 22 months, 97% of
                       patients remained disease free.

                       Only 9% of patients reported urinary
                       incontinence. Some patients reported
                       minor rectal pain or swelling following
                       cryosurgery but symptoms disappeared
                       within 3 months.

                       Katz and colleagues note that further
                       refinements in cryosurgery are
                       expected to enhance results.
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