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[MOL] Guanylyl Cyclase C mRNA Expression Signals Metastasis Of

Good Morning All,

thought the following information may be of some use.

Guanylyl Cyclase C mRNA Expression Signals Metastasis Of

Colorectal Cancer

WESTPORT, Dec 07 (Reuters Health) - In patients with apparently

node-negative colorectal cancer, guanylyl cyclase C mRNA

expression may be a more accurate marker of recurrence than

currently used markers, Thomas Jefferson University researchers

report in the December 7th issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.

Dr.  Scott A. Waldman and colleagues in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, used reverse transcriptase polymerase chain

reaction (RT-PCR) to analyze mRNA in lymph nodes from 21 patients

with node-negative colorectal cancer who had undergone surgery.

Of these, 11 patients had no evidence of disease for 6 or more

years after surgery, and 10 developed metastases within 3 years

after surgery.



God Bless All,

marty auslander
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