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[MOL] Lillian

Dear Lillian,
Just a note to let you know how I am doing. I went to
the doctor Feb 18th for my chest scan and I am CANCER
FREE!!!! My lungs looked great and the incision is
healing well. I still have problems breathing but I
know that will get better with time.

My house has sold and I am moving this Thursday to
Knoxville. John is goingto move down here so my kdis
can be closer to their dad. He and I were going to
meet this weekend but he got stopped at the border and
they refused to let him across. So now he has to get
some documents so he can cross hopefully this weekend.
I know things are going to come together.

I am going to try to do some volunteer work at the
cancer center there in Knoxville. I have learned so
much through out this and anything I can share with
others I want to. I know it can be a lonely scary
thing when you have nobody to go thru it with. The
only people that I had were far away. 

Hope you are doing well. How is everyone else? 


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