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[MOL] Conclusions=End of Series.....


Our understanding of hematopoiesis and its regulation is expanding rapidly, and the use of epoetin alpha, the recombinant form of erythropoietin, has contributed to the clinical and social impact that management of anemia may have in improving quality of life of patients with hematologic malignancies, cancer, and HIV infection. We are also starting to understand the potential therapeutic benefit of hemoglobin in patients receiving radiation therapy, in HIV patients receiving antiviral therapy, and perhaps in patients undergoing standard chemotherapy. Trials are now needed to clarify the optimum hemoglobin level and the potential therapeutic impact of hemoglobin maintenance. But the results obtained so far suggest that patients with mild anemia should receive more attention by physicians and healthcare providers, to minimize the clinical and social effects deriving from fatigue. Further research into the broader field of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying fatigue syndromes as well as design of new therapeutic interventions in cancer patients will be a major priority for the years to come.
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