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Re: [MOL] From Chris - Oprah/Reply

Hi, Friends, been dashing around, and my hands have been in a lot of
pain lately, so have been reading but not able to respond much. But
wanted to tell you I was a speaker for a large group today on the topic
of "community," and was sure talking MOL up -- were your ears all
burning??? Couldn't believe how many folks came up afterward to share
their own cancer stories -- and to ask how to get on MOL! Wonderful to
see the old gang getting back together here, as well as all of our great
new folks --looking forward to many good visits!

Lil, re: the Oprah show -- the group probably woudn't have to worry a
lot about the selection of the "who" -- while they might take some
suggestions, they would likely do their own interviews to decide,
especially since folks come across differently on paper than in person,
and ultimately they are looking for "good television." I would love to
see them do what we talked about a year or so ago, and get us all
together for a reunion! Is there anything more beautiful than MOLs
meeting in person? Not from what I've experienced. Lots of love,
friends...though I am quiet, you are in my thoughts and prayers! Joicy

Lillian wrote:
> Chris, it would be a blast and it may happen.  I think the group should
> discuss how to choose people.  I don't think the oldest, or always the most
> informed should take priority, because there are so many cancers being
> represented on this forum and each one knows about their cancer better than
> anyone else.  This is tricky; but I am sure  if everyone gives their input
> to how the selection process should be done, it will come out just right.
> We could possibly base it in numbers. as follows: This is just an example
> now to get minds motivated.
> 5 people
> 1 caregiver
> 1 person knowledgeable on alternative
> 1 person knowledgeable on new therapies.
> 2 cancer people.
> That's a core group, then if we have 10 slots:
> Increase the caregivers and the cancer patients.  And so on!
> Warmly, lillian
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