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No, I had not received the message; but certainly thank you.  Do you have a
ghost in your computer?????  That would be interesting.  I guess you are
just such a perfect hostess that everyone wants to be with our Jeanne!!!!  I
have a friend who lives on her own lake and she gets a lot of guests.  She
has gotten smart and has everyone who comes do the laundry before they leave
and remake the beds they used.  Everyone helps in the kitchen and with the
rest of the housework.  She works with us, then we can all sit around and
have time to enjoy each other. Just don't tell your guests that I gave you
the idea!!!!  LOL!!!!!
Warmly, lillian

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From: Jeanne Kissinger <jhkissinger@home.com>
To: Lilllian <firefly@islc.net>
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 2:39 PM
Subject: Lil!

> Lil, did you get this? My computer doing some strange things lately. My
> messages disappear and I don't know where they go and this one came back
> to me? I am working on my dad's memoirs this weekend and sent a pack of
> copies to old friends. I got my first booking for relatives already and
> it is not even March. 1st cousin and her daughter and another niece.
> Jeanne
> Message mislaid, sent this Thursday????
> Lilian, our best wishes for a good outcome to Chuck. A big hug to you.
> Love, Jeanne

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