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Re: [MOL] Adria extravasation, radiation to same area/Reply

Here is a site that may be able to address your question.  Dr. Rost is an 
online oncologist and does answer questions personally via email; I have 
written him several times.

 <A HREF="">Answering questions & treating cancer 
one patient at a time</A>

CancerHope Promise
While it is true that the internet is a vehicle for freedom of speech and any 
type of information can generally be published, it is the promise of the 
CancerHope site to provide accurate and honest information at all times. Our 
mission is to educate the public on the most current issues surrounding 
cancer and its treatment. 

Our website, CancerHope is intended to serve as a resource for anyone 
interested in learning about cancer. We encourage questions and have made it 
easy for anyone to ask a question confidentially. All questions are answered 
by our board certified physicians who specialize in oncology. 

Our promise is to serve as a resource for cancer information. Comments are 
welcome and may be directed to Eric C. Rost, MD, Paul J. Schilling, MD and 
staff at
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