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Re: [MOL] Barbara Auslander Update 2-25-2000

In a message dated 02/26/2000 8:48:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Pls say prayers for my Barb.  This coming Sunday>  the 27th, we will be 
married 31 years.>  >  God Bless YOu All,>  marty auslander

Marty, first of all congrats to you both on your anniversary! I don't think 
that God could have created two people who could possibly love each other 
*more*.  I am very impressed and inspired by your devotion to each other and 
by the unending strength you have to keep Barb's spirits up and to keep 
absorbing more info to arm and re-arm yourselves in this battle.  God bless 
you both, keep you strong, and lead you to victory.   -chris
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