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[MOL] Barbara Auslander Update 2-25-2000

Good Morning My Friends,

I wish the news were better. It doesn't seem to be but that will not
distract our goals and visions for wellness. We had a consultation with
Barbs Oncologist yesterday who told us that Barbs tumor marker rose from
59 to 71. That's a 20% increase in 4 weeks. Typical for Barb when her
marker increases. So......"the well laid plans of mice and men". What

Well, this for the near future is planned. We will go for a consultation
in Mexico to American Biologics for the possibility of having

We are now looking into the possibilities of Chinese Herbalists....dont
care where we go or what we have to do as long as we find one that is
experienced with cancer and knows how to treat and we are open to
suggestions and names of good herbalists.

I had a consultation with the Doctor in Idaho that treated Barb and he
said "to stay with his program at home as the trend is that tumor
markers tend to be affected when tumors die". He also is a working
associate with American Biologics in Mexico and suggested we go there
for consultation and that will be on March 6th. If Barb should decide to
go ahead with Hyperthermia, then we will head back to Idaho to boost the
immune system after that.

In the meantime, I am warming up my fingers to do much in the way of
research for herbalists, and clinical trials to boost the immune system
as well as go over all the data that I have accumulated from many
clinics over the world to place in priority sequence for further

We had just seen another Doctor in Fountain Valley to take the
Mycroplasm Test PCR for molecular diagnostic testing to see if Barb is
positive. This becomes very complex, but if Barb is positive for this
type of disease then we are either looking at an additional complication
or in lieu of cancer or both. This form of disease can be treated with
antibiotics such as Doxicyclene, but has to be administered by one who
is very familiar with Mycroplasm activity and condition.

So, we are not going back to Idaho for therapy this coming week. WE have
much to do in the way of research and consultations and then we will
take it from there. WE take another tumor marker in one month and whole 
body cat scans and more blood tests and then see her Oncologist again in
one month. HOpefully by then we will see what we intend to do to proceed
in either staying with the present form of therapies at Idaho and we
need to give any treatment time, or change to another form of treatment
and/or proceed with Hyperthermia, etc. 

Will keep you posted. Pls say prayers for my Barb.  This coming Sunday
the 27th, we will be married 31 years.

God Bless YOu All,
marty auslander
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