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[MOL] John

John, it is so good to see you back with MOL!!  I have tried to email you
several times but my messages always came back.  Now I see that you have a
different address.  I have also tried to contact Martha but was not
successful there either!!  I was so happy to hear that you had talked to
her and that all is well with our Martha.  Please tell her that I have
thought about her so much in the past year when you talk to her next.  I
hear you may be going out to dinner with her family.  Do you think that you
will try Chinese again?  Gee....it seems like just yesterday since we
enjoyed the afternoon together at that Chinese restaurant there near you.
That has been at least a year and a half since we met (or has it been

Much has happened in that time.  Our younger son was married last summer
and is now attending graduate school at Northwestern.  It looks like he
will be spending next fall in Ireland working for a newspaper in either
Dublin or Cork.  Sounds like a good excuse for Mom and Dad to go on a trip,
don't you think?  I am still teaching third grade but I think that this may
be my last year.  If I hadn't taken time off to raise our sons I would have
in enough years to retire.  I just feel that I want some time to slow down
and enjoy life at a slower pace.

Take care "old" friend.  (I use that term loosely!!)

Mary Ann

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