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[MOL] It's all in the smoke, just don't inhale!!!!

Hopkins: Cancer Risk From Marijuana

Johns Hopkins News
February 23, 2000

BALTIMORE (Johns Hopkins) - Tobacco companies continue to be rocked by lawsuits from cancer patients. Yet when it comes to cancers of the head, mouth and neck, marijuana smoke may be even worse.

Scientists know that marijuana contains higher concentrations of carcinogens and tar than does tobacco. Because marijuana is illegal and people tend to smoke smaller amounts, it has been difficult to prove that cancer is a risk from too much pot. Now a study from a leading cancer center offers evidence of clear health dangers, especially if a person smokes both marijuana and cigarettes.

"It has potential risks for cancer, lung cancer, oral and other head and neck cancers ... larynx cancer. We know that cigarette smoke and the carcinogens are a direct cause of these cancers, and marijuana should be thought of in that same category," says Dr. Arlene Forastiere, an associate professor of oncology at Johns Hopkins.

Cancers of the head, mouth and neck can be cured if caught early, but later stage cancers can require disfiguring surgery.

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