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Re: [MOL] From Chris - Oprah/Reply

Lillian, I wanted your permission (if she does contact me) to give your name 
and email as the "contact person".  I don't really want to speak for the 
group; haven't been here long enough and don't feel comfy with that.  I'm 
hoping she will contact the group via the MOL address - gave the web address 
and the email address.

Who knows - she could invite all of us, or some, but *something tells me she 
will* be interested as she follows up on things like this.  Even if only 20 
people went, hey, it's 20 more that would meet than would otherwise.  And if 
she does, then I think the oldest members and the best informed members 
should be the ones to go, but I wouldn't know who they are.  -chris
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