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[MOL] Dusti, weather

Tulsa, Oklahoma, it has quite a musical sound to it. What does the name
mean? We took a vote and so it is the southwest, can find whale song
here I guess. The whales migrate through here starting in March. I was
interested in hula festival held in April. Dance teams from all over.
Ordinarily, not a lying on the beach type, don't need a tan and I hear
it ain't no good for you now! 

Your description sounds like the land you live has accepted you... I
like this land as well but I still love to travel though I have never
been overseas yet. Have you? Will be away all day and weekend coming up.
Have a good one! Jeanne

> "Barham, Dusti # IHTUL" wrote:
>  Jeanne,
> When I first moved here, I imagined a bunch of TeePee's and oil
> wells.  I was very surprised that this is a regular city with high
> rises and gorgeous parks and just beautiful homes.  Not all of the
> dirt is red, you were right about this being some prime farming land.
> We drive to the country alot and there are alot of rolling hills, tons
> of trees, & greenery everywhere.  They call Tulsa, 'Green Country'
> because in the spring & summer, the foilage everywhere is green.
> Tulsa was a huge oil town where many people made their fortunes, some
> of the architecture downtown is truly amazing.  The summer time here
> is sooo hot, it's unbelievable.  My husband works outside primarily
> (he is a contractor-concrete, roofing, remodeling, etc..) and after
> the summer, his skin is so dark that he looks like he is an Indian.
> My son even came out with a tan, that pretty olive skin.  I like it
> here, I didn't think I would but it is a city with a small town feel.
> People here care about their schools and their neighborhoods.  We call
> this state the 'buckle' of the bible belt.  A very conservative
> mindset which is ok is some ways but not very progessive in others.
> It's six & a half of one and half a dozen of another (that's my Mom's
> saying, I think it means everything is a trade off).  This morning it
> has stormed like crazy, I didn't want to get out of bed it was so
> nice.  If I were you, I would go to Hawaii.  My sister has been there
> several times and LOVES it.  I'm a beach lover though and I can block
> other people out if I feel like I'm being too crowded.  Good luck with
> your decision, I'll be living vicariously through you when you take
> your vacation, so pick a good one!!! ha ha
> Regards
> Dusti
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