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Re: Re: [MOL] Bob Gelo (Hi Jeanne)

Dear Bob:
   My husband was initially diagnosed through the fluid in his pleural 
effusion.  He had numerous mets to both lungs and therefore was not a 
candidate for surgery or radiation. He was also given a diagnosis of ACUP but 
I persisted and after we saw the head of thoracic oncology at Dana Farber who 
had come up from NCI, he said he would absolutely say it was primary to the 
lung given the heavy tumor burden there and at that point nowhere else.  We 
decided to treat the pleural effusion permanently.  They recommended a talc 
poudrage procedure which was done and thus far (8 months later) the fluid has 
not returned signicantly --what procedure did you have done to treat the 
pleural effusion permanently?  We did chemo for 8 months but have now stopped 
due to signicant progression--we don't want to go from chemo to chemo.  We 
are trying an alternative formula and looking for a possible trial.  All the 
best.  Bess
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