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[MOL] 5th-8th day of treatments at clinic and update....article

Good Day All,

This is an ongoing series of articles based on our very recent
experience at an immune therapy clinic in Idaho. Much of the the
information is based on our factual experiences and some based on my own
personal opinion. There will be a distinction between both. But first
just to tell you this morning, Friday the 25th of February we will be
receiving the tumor marker (ca-125) and blood test results that were
taken last week. These tests will inform us whether the clinic and
therapy helped Barb progress with the elimination of this disease. Pls
pray for my  Barb. I will keep you informed tonight by e-mail and/or
phone calls. Also this coming Sunday the 27th will be our Wedding
Anniversary marking 31 years of the most profound wonderful years of our
lives. Many potholes along the way, but in this mans opinion....have
been blessed with a woman who loves me, as I love her.

NOw to get on with our experiences at the clinic.

It is around the 8th day of treatment. Had some very good conversations
with most of the staff over that last couple of days and was very
impressed as to their knowledge of naturalpathy, biology, massage
therapy, etc. and was equally impressed to hear about the qualifications
and experiences they have had over the years.

I am so very confused as to why in all the years of research I have
accomplished or accumulated that there is such a tremendous difference
in attitudes and opinions varying from say Oncology to Naturalpathy.
Isn't all mankind that are health professionals see the patient in the
best of interests. I hope so, but dare to say not always. I have just
completed reading some magazines here at the clinic that suggests that
many or a great many hospitals, PPO, HMO and Blue Cross now see the
benefits of integrative medicine, combining alternative, complementary,
supplemental into their fold of conventional medicine and ironically its
not as  result of their beliefs that these outside therapies are best
suited for the patient in conventional therapy, but due to a diminishing
clientele that are mutineering to alternative medicines not only here
in the United States but overseas as there appears
to be greater long term successful results and less less toxic. Now, pls
understand, I am a devotee of both conventional and alternative as we
have experienced much of both, but on a long term basis the patient or
the survivor must know that it is not the therapies that will cure, but
the belief that it is themselves that will cure as a result of say
change of lifestyle or environment and that encompasses much. When one
learns that the diet is essential and supplementation is essential and
all the wonders and principles to wellness is essential, then the
therapies of  either conventional and/or alternative will no longer be
needed but just to be maintained with time to time checkups and tuneups.
When the immune system is strengthened to the degree that it functions
as a human healthy entity on its own as a result of the knowledge and
education and experiences we have learned from these therapies, and the
day to day doing on our own, then the firm belief that success in being
healthy comes from the best doctor of all......ourselves. When one
becomes complacent in believing that this disease is an aberration and
cant come back, then we are kidding ourselves. It can and in most cases
it does. So it is with that fact and belief that taking care of
ourselves in all phases of wellness is essential to the long term
survival emotionally, mentally and physically. But basically once we
have experienced conventional treatment and alternative treatment to a
degree that we may be able to progress on our own, then we must also
know it is not only expensive but very toxic to undergo continued
treatments. WE KNOW. So, when Barb is well, and we have no other belief
that she will not, we will know that stress is no longer an option in
her life, that eating well or nutritiously, exercising, being spiritual,
having a purpose in living are some of the essential ingredients to long
term survival and being cancer free. Its a long road, but it can and
will be successful.....God Willing

This article was based on my opinion as a result of seeing, and
experiencing. I am certain there are those that may disagree and that is
ok. I learn through these differences.

Thank you for listening to me.

God Bless YOu All,
marty auslander
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