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Re: [MOL] Bob Gelo (Hi Jeanne)

Hi Jeanne
   You have a good memory.......better then you think!
It was actually two years ago that I visited the forum.
   At that time I was experiencing a fluid problem that
invaded my pleura-lung cavity.
   After a thorosentesis, it was determined that the 
extracted fluid was cancer bearing.
   I did a chemotherapy session and relaxed for five
   The formal diagnosis was Adenocarcinoma with no
known primary.
   After going through a remission stage of sorts,in Jan
of 99 a malignant tumor was taken off my chest. Shortly
following that sucessful operation the fluid returned to the 
lung cavity.
   After a series of what seemed to be endless thorosentesis,
someone suggested a pleurodesis.
   That was performed in May of 99.
   After a two month recovery period my wife and I felt a vacation
was in order.
   No sooner had we got to our destination, we ended up in the 
local hospitals emergency ward.
   I was now retaining the fluid in my abdoman.To top this off,
they found a blood clot in the lung. 
   This automatically made me a candidate for a stay in their ICU. 
   After a week of Cumadin balancing, we returned home.
   My oncologist now started tapping my stomach to get the fluid off.
I went through a chemo session,Sept-Oct 99. 
   Everything was fine, up until the last three weeks....the fluid returned.

   The point that I'm trying to make is, I feel things could always be worse
than they are.I feel a person should never take on the " why me attitude" 
   To me,facing a health situation with negativity, just puts up another
obstacle that has to be unnecessarily dealt with.
                                             Nice talking with you
                                                  Bob Gelo
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