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[MOL] Chuck!

My Dear Auntie,

I certainly will...in fact I have not stopped.  Although work has not
allowed daily attendance at Mass these past two weeks, I have prayed daily
for you and Chuck.  I know that God will grant you the courage and faith to
keep traveling this journey with hope and optimism.  God Bless.


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Hey dear one!  The problem with this virus is that it sends itself from your
computer.  It attaches to your address book and when you e-mail it goes
along for the ride.  The person sending it has no idea they have the virus.
The good news is that it is easy to delete; so if anyone thinks they have
the virus, ask and you shall receive.....

John, I am very tired, I think Chuck will be returning to Staten Island for
the lower portion of the back bone.  His MRI just came back and his doctor
here called him immediately and told him he was calling the Doctor at Staten
Island  Say those prayers.  Love Aunti Lil!

Warmly, lillian

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