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Re: [MOL] Ask Jeeves ResultsReply to Nick/liver Cancer

In a message dated 02/24/00 10:14:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
KathleenCorrigan@AOL.COM writes:

<< Even though the doctors say I am now cured, I never want to leave the 
friends I've made here.  You have no idea what you're in for!!!  I  guarantee 
you -- it will be wonderful.  Your friend, Kathleen >>

I'd like to add to that.  My sentiments are the same, and if not for Kathy 
and this board I would be a basket case by now after going through this 
difficult journey with my father.  I truly do believe that MOL is a gift of 
God and so are the people who make it what it is.  I am not the cancer victim 
in my family, my father is. Yet I felt so unbearably alone until I met Kathy 
and she led me here.  Even my family couldn't help because they were 
undergoing the same fears and heartaches I was.  Until I came here I thought 
it was IMPOSSIBLE for someone to be dx w/ cancer and live! Wow, was I ever 
*wrong* !!!!!  

The media plays on the morbidity of cancer - every movie about someone with 
cancer ends with a box of tissues and some anti-romantic notion that death is 
a tragedy of love.  All the stats I had read anywhere were negative.  There 
was nothing hopeful out there.  Then I met all these people who welcomed me, 
and pulled up a chair for me and said "Now, you're one of *our* family!"  To 
me, it felt like angels coming to wrap to me in a warm blanket and invite me 
in from the bitter cold.

Even more surprising, neighbors and others I had known for a long time 
suddenly whispered their secrets to me: "I had cancer 2 yrs ago; I had it 9 
years ago, I had it 3xs and am cancer-free for 7 years now..." and on and on; 
numerous people who didn't make a practice of telling others that they had 
cancer were now sharing with me. I was seeing flesh and blood proof that 
people do INDEED live with cancer and AFTER cancer!!!!! Without MOL, I would 
not have had the courage to reach out to those people around me.

THERE IS HOPE as long as the sun rises and sets.  As long as God exists!  
There is hope for every individual as long as that person wakes up to a new 
day. And this is the place you will find it, again and again.  Yes, there 
have been losses here and there will continue to be losses; but that is part 
of life itself.  I have lost friends (my age) since my father (76 yrs now) 
was dx with cancer in Aug 98.  He has already outlived others younger than 
himself who did NOT have cancer!  This universe is well-planned and no one 
knows the beginning or end of our lives, so we have to take each day as a 
gift.  MOL is a gift, a great gift!   -chris

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