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Re: [MOL] John/Kathy

Dear John:  The block parties sound absolutely wonderful!  It's so nice to 
know that New Yorkers can be laid back, gentle people.  I know I would be 
delighted with Times Square now.  I've been watching its transformation with 
interest, and the progress that mayor has made.  When I was there, it was a 
very frightening place, but fascinating, nonetheless.  We were there to see a 
Broadway show, and that I did enjoy very much.  I was amazed, though, at the 
diminutive size of the theaters.  I expected something much grander, but the 
show itself was great.  I did, however, see "La Boheme" at the Met, and that 
I will never, ever forget.  New York is a fabulous place!  Kathy in Little 
Old Boise
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