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[MOL] Fwd: Helping others

As suggested by Kathy, I am forwarding this to  the groups.  Has anyone else 
received this e-mail? infor aprreciaed.   Syliva K.

---- Begin included message ----
Kath;y,  Is this a safe contact? I wonder why it was addressed to me. Why not 
to the whole net? Puzzled  Sylvia K.

---- Begin included message ----
Dear Friend,

I apologize for emailing you directly. I noticed that you are involved in
groups that are dealing with Cancer. I believe I could really use your help
in my efforts to help others like you.

We have created a system where it would be possible for you in the most
efficient way possible to identify others in your region or around the world
that may have 3 years more experience in the progression of a health concern
as Cancer. Once you have identified the person you can ask that person about
treatments, medicines, clinics, or the best doctors in your area. We have a
system where you control your privacy but we make it possible for people to
trust each other and share information.

We could really use your help in testing our system. You can do so by going
to www.bigheart.com and signing up as a tester

Please forward this message to friends and family that could use a system
like the one we're creating with your support.



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---- End included message ----