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Hi, My mother has been diagnoised with pancreatic cancer(Mar 99).  She
has had radiation and chemotherapy, surgery to remove part of the
pacreas, stomach, etc.(Aug 99). After rest chemotherapy started again in
September and has continued until approx. 4 weeks ago.  She was still in
a lot of pain and follow-up CT scans and blood work was done.  Her
doctor then perscribed an additional pain medicine (appx 3 wks ago) that
seem to be working fine.  After all of this he reports that although her
CT scan does not indicated that a tumor is back, her tumor marking are
elevated but he is not overly concerned.  The following week he tells us
that the cancer is back and that there is nothing more medically he
could do for her.  I am a little confused about this whole senerio,
could the markings that are reading about 300 indicated that the cancer
is back and there is nothing more he could or will do?  I feel that a
second opinion is needed what do you think?  (I know that you would need
to know the details of the situation, I just need to know more about
these tumor marking readings)
Thanks, I NEED HELP.... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because I'm giving up
without a fight.

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