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Title: Jeanne
I see everyone is fighting over you friend!  Now if you really want a truly wonderful expierence of Indian Heritage, we have the Floridians, along with many more right at our fingertips.  Beaufort was held under three flags at one time.  I will be nice and send you our history dear heart.  Enjoy that trip and most of all I hope you are glad your going back to work.  Are you?  Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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If you truly want a Native American experience, you have to come to Oklahoma!  We are the 'Native' state.  All across this great state we still have pow wow's on the weekends.  The 5 'civilized' tribes were relocated here:  Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, .  Needless to say, that we have many wonderful museums including the Gilcrease which has beautiful Native American artifacts and art.  We have red dirt here as well that stains shoes up pretty good, in some parts, all you have to do is add water and you could probably make a clay bowl right there.  It is hard to dig and plant in clay though, I have some in my back yard which I have tried to ariate (sp) with sand.  Anyway Jeanne, I would love to show you around if you come this way.