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[MOL] Barbs 3rd and 4th Day of Treatment Experience....Article

Good Day All,

Just a reminder that I sent the first two days of therapy article
yesterday when we attended the clinic in Idaho. This is an ongoing
series of what we experienced at this immune therapy clinic and these
articles are based on our opinion, experience and in no way as an
advertisement, but just to inform and hope that it may be of some use.

Well one of the days of reckoning to all the therapy Barb has been
having. This is the beginning of the fourth day. Today, as promised, a
live cell, Darkfield and Brightfield microscopic blood tests were taken.
It appears that there is no "rolle" or stacking of the red cells. Red
cells are to be independent of each other. Some touching is ok, but not
to stack. this means the red cells are healthier. There was no
indication of dead white cells as originally been noticed in original
testing. In other words, the liver is passing those dead cells
healthier. There is no apparent stress to the liver. There also appears
to be high oxygenation, which is quite good as cancer cells cannot
thrive with oxygen. In the other microscopic tests, however, there still
appears to be significant signs of parasites and germs in the colon and
stomach area. This means that it is too early to tell whether cancer
and/or arthritis is significantly being thwarted and treated to the
extent of progress. But since all other signs of high oxygenation, then
we need to progress a  couple of more days and be tested again on MOnday
to determine the progress we are looking for and that is cancer cure. We
are very very encouraged with the test results today. We are very happy
with the therapies that are being administered to Barb and they are far
less invasive and stressful as we had experienced in all the years of
chemotherapy and in Mexico. 

One of our questions to these well qualified folk was. In their opinion
which therapy is more effective. Their response was: in their opinion
they all work in combination to provide good health for Barb.

Pls. keep your prayers coming. I thank those that were kind to e-mail
clinic and say nice things about us and for us. Of course we could not
respond as I did not have access to their computer to e-mail back. HOpe
all those that did e-mail do understand.

At this point Barb looks good, feels good. WE eat well. WE do go for our
long walks in this very rural area. The people are quite friendly and
co-operative. The weather is cold and wonderful. AS for how long we
expect to be here.....until Barb is cured or the treatment goes as far
as it can go in helping her. The positive way to think is....stay until
she is cured.

God Bless All and wish you all the same positive vibes as we are
experiencing. WE love you all.

I will post the continuing  next article tomorrow the 24th of February
of our experience in Idaho Immune therapy clinic.

marty auslander
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