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[MOL] A treatment history that appears to be working for liver cancer patient.....

The only place they have found his cancer is
in his liver. At diagnosis he had one 6cm tumor, one 3cm tumor and many
"satellite" tumors involving both lobes of the liver.
       The chemotherapy  you mentioned is very familiar to us.  His first
treatments involved a Hepatic Artery Catheter ( where they insert a catheter
through an artery in the groin up into the liver ) . He received Cisplatin
and 5Fu directly to the liver through the Hepatic Artery Cath. during 4 day
hospital stay. He did this 3 times and on the fourth attempt the artery had
closed off from scar tissue.( everyone's anatomy is a little different - dad
only had one artery into his liver, so we couldn't do this treatment
anymore- but some people have 2 or 3 arteries from what I understand).  We
were very pleased with this treatment. His tumors shrunk more than 50% using
this method.
      Since then he has gotten an infuse-a-port (port surgically placed into
a large vein, usually in the clavicle area, its hidden under the skin - for
intravenous assess to do chemotherapy, lab draws,ect- saves veins from
continuous sticking and scarring from chemo.)  And now his therapy consist
of  5Fu and mitomycin with leukovoran every other time.  He goes in the
Doctor 's office for a visit and then gets "hooked up" to his chemo. He does
the mitomycin and leukovoran in the office and then takes home the 5Fu on a
continuous pump into his infuse-a-port for 4days.  He has no nausea and
vomiting. He does have mild pain at the liver area - but it is relieved with
Percocet and he feels a little tired. He takes Phenergan religiously 2-3
times a day to ward off nausea and he says it increases his appetite. He has
actually gained 30+ pounds since he was diagnosed (most people lose weight),

Warmly, lillian
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