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Re: [MOL] Veins, Veins, Veins!

Title: RE: [MOL] Veins, Veins, Veins!
The port is most often placed  somewhere in the chest wall and then you don't have all the jabbing pain they give you with a needle and they can take all there blood samples right from the port.  Tell mom to go for it!
Warmly, lillian
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Lillian, I am getting squeamish, but thanks for the info.  Mom has considered a port, especially now that she will be getting an IV weekly.  I guess it speeds up how long it takes to get the treatment?  May I ask where your port is?  My friend here at work, when he was getting his port, the surgeon punctured one of his lungs.  He had another surgeon fix what had happened and is now very happy to have one.