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[MOL] Fw: A message from jlehner@nyee.edu about WarOnCancer.org

> I'm writing to make you aware of an issue that was recently brought to my
attention that I must say shocked me.  Apparently, it is a little known fact
that over the years the U.S. government has consistently under funded cancer
research to the detriment of the American public.  Cancer, the second
leading killer in the U.S., claims the lives of over 500,000 Americans
annually and will afflict 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women during their lifetime.
The sad truth is that someone in almost every family in America will be
affected by cancer!
> How can we help?  That's the simple part.  All we have to do is sign the
WarOnCancer.org petition and encourage as many of our family members,
friends and collegues to do the same.  It's time we told Congress and the
President that finding a cure for cancer (all cancers) must be this nation's
top-priority and that the American public demands that adequate funds be
allocated for this purpose.  Together we can make a difference!
> Click here to sign our petition and learn more about this issue:
http://www.waroncancer.org/index.cfm#down (**FOR AOL USERS--You may have to
cut and paste this URL into your browser**)
> By signing the petition, you will help us send a clear message to the U.S.
Congress and the President that the War on Cancer once again must be the
nation's top-priority and that the U.S. government must spend the resources
necessary to meet and defeat an enemy that kills more than 500,000 Americans
> Please forward this message to anyone you think would be interested.
However, please avoid spam, as it will hurt our campaign.

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