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Dear Friends:
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Suzanne Runge, died at 8:30 a.m. today.  I must tell you that she fought a long hard battle and she fought like a true warrior to sleigh this ugly dragon they call cancer.  Last night I telephoned Suzanne and spoke a second while she was in a coma.  I simply told her "Suzanne, this is Lillian from the MOL FORUM, all the MOLERS send their love and wish you peace." I ask that all reflect for a moment wishing Suzanne the peace and joy she so well deserves as she meets her maker and peace for her loving family.
                                        Time cannot steal the treasures
                                        that we carry in our hearts.
                                        Nor ever dim the shining thoughts,
                                        our cherished past imparts.
                                        Memories of the ones we love,
                                        still cast their gentle glow,
                                        to grace our days and light our path
                                        where ever we may go........
For those who would like to either send a card or e-mail here is where they are to go"
                                          Suzanne Runge  (husbands name Mark)
                                          624-D Windstream Way

                                          Edgewood MD 21940
Dearest Mark:
    We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another; but to see one another through.  I know how wonderful you were to Suzanne as she fought the long hard battle and I understand how very heavy your heart is.  You deserve to bathe in comfort knowing that your partner on this earth has crossed the road and you so graciously let her go.  It is the most unselfish act you faced and met the challenged.  Always in  our prayers Mark.
                                                We cannot ease your aching heart,
                                                nor take your pain away;
                                                But let us stand beside you
                                                With your hand in ours,
                                                As we walk with you today!
Warmly, lillian
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