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I have not been in contact with mol for a while and your post prompted
me to write. I have Primary liver cancer with mets to the lung. I have
had Xeloda and Thalidomide and the tumors did not respond to either.
Four months ago I started on Gemzar and my check-up after 2 mos. showed
the liver tumors stable and the lung tumors had shrunk a bit. I started
treatment with chemo 5 days in the hospital each mo. using 4 drugs.
After 5 mos. it began to damage my kidneys and I started on Xeloda then
Gemzar is the easiest chemo I have had.
I get it 3 weeks on and 1 week off. It takes about 2 hours each week and
the only side effect is that I get a low grade fever sometimes. The Dr.
is not even sure the fever is from the Gemzar or just tumor fever. An
anti-nausea drug is given with the Gemzar and I have never been sick.
I usually finish chemo about noon and we stop and have lunch on the way
I most cerainly would encourage your mom to try the Gemzar. I will go to
M D Anderson the end of Feb. for another check-up and will let you know
if the Gemzar is still effectie.

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