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In a message dated 01/31/2000 3:46:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> The Oncologist has suggested something called
>  Gemcitabine (common name is Gemzar).  She would have to do this weekly.  
She>  has already told me that she does not want to live that way.

Dusti, my father was offered gemzar, but then didn't need it - the chemo he 
had worked better when they counteracted the severe side effects he had from 
it (taxotere w/ carboplatin).  He had that every week also.  He also did not 
want to live that way!  But please tell your mother this, after 6 months of 
not wanting to live, my father is doing a whole of living right now!!!!!!  
Many times he spoke of quitting his treatment and my stepmother cried to him 
that he couldn't do that because she needed him so much.  Every time he went 
back after that.  I can't say he has ALL his old vitality back, that wouldn't 
be true.  But in the first 6 months (he was 75 then) he had aged 20 years!  
Right now, he looks like a very handsome, strong(er), health(ier) 76 year old 
man!   Tell her NOT to give up.  It's not over until The Man Upstairs says it 
is.  He's the REAL doctor in this life, and he never says "Give up", but 
always, "Press on" until it's time to rest.  -chris  
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