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[MOL] Hi All

Title: Hi All

 We ended up getting about 9 inches of snow & really had a big time making a snowcowboy (complete with a cowboy hat), made snow angels, heck..we even made snow ice cream!  I looked outside on Friday and there was a man wearing a helmet and snow skis being pulled by a rope that was connected to the back of a truck...it was a hilarious sight.

The results from Mom's CAT scan were not good.  The Xeloda (chemo) is not working on her anymore.  The Oncologist has suggested something called Gemcitabine (common name is Gemzar).  She would have to do this weekly.  She has already told me that she does not want to live that way.  Lillian, could you send me some information on 'gemcitabine'?  I'm very worried.