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[MOL] **FINAL NOTIFICATION** - We Are Closing Your Account. <#99-7745-23>

NOTE: Your free opt-in e-mail account is being closed
due to non-resubscription. See bottom of this message 
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Dear eDirect Subscriber,

We are TRW Credit Restorations. We have been America's 
leading credit specialists since 1989. We are NOT an 
MLM, a chain letter or any type of pyramid scheme! 
Our physical corporate offices are located in Atlanta,
Georgia with our virtual presence online 24 hours a day 
7 days a week.

Absolutely NOT! Credit repair is only effective when you
have just a few late payments. Anything more serious, 
and it's a complete waste of time and money. For less 
than $50 we can show you how to create a second, totally 
separate, 100% legal second credit file with America's 
three main credit bureaus (Equifax, Trans Union, and 
Experian: formerly TRW). 

We offer you an opportunity to erase all the bad or
"not-so-perfect" credit ratings you may have accumulated.
We do this using a step-by-step, simple plan to help you 
create a brand new, totally separate credit file with the
three major credit bureaus. This means both your current 
credit file and your new co-exist on the bureaus computers.
The only thing is the computer will not know that you own 
BOTH files! They are as separate as two different people.

Our 100% money back guarantee simply states: "If you are
not able to obtain the following pieces of credit in just 
60 to 90 days, we'll completely refund your entire purchase 
price! No questions asked." The credit items you'll obtain 
in 60 to 90 days, with our guidance, are:

* A Major Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA)
* A Jewelry Store Credit Card (Zales, Kay, Etc..)
* A Department Store Credit Card 
* Gasoline Credit Card 
* Three Rock-Solid Local Bank References
  (Example: Norwest, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Etc..)

With this type of guarantee it's a "no-lose" proposition 
for you.

How do they know one John R. Smith from another? Did you 
ever wonder how the credit bureaus ID you? Do you think 
it's by solely your name and Social Security number? Better 
think again! It's those two PLUS three other unique ID 
factors. We show you our little known, step-by-step, process 
already used by hundreds of thousands of doctors, lawyers, 
and business people, how to create your own second, 
completely legal credit file! The file is created within 24 
to 48 hours of you receiving our materials. Then, in as 
little as 60 to 90 days, you'll have an AAA+ credit rating... 
or your money back!

Of course you do. A second separate credit file with no 
history is absolutely worthless. However, using the 
information, our and step-by-step instructions that comes 
with our program, we show you how to build your new file 
from nothing (no history) to an AAA+ credit rating in a little 
as 60 to 90 days! From your first piece of new credit to the 
last, we clearly show you how to do it every step of the way.  

Simply visit our Official Web Site to find out ALL the exciting 
details! Come see us at:

URL: <a href="http://newone.matrix-host.com/splash.html">

Remember if you have great credit and just want an additional 
file, or if you just filed bankruptcy yesterday, we at TRW 
Credit Restorations, America's leading credit specialists since 
1989 can help you get that fresh start you deserve. Hope to see 
you online real soon.

Thank You,
The Credit Team at
TRW Credit Restorations 

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RE: Account Closure
Dear Valued eDirect Subscriber,

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Unless you re-subscribe to our free service within the 
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