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[MOL] Hello Everyone

Dear Everybody:  Lillian told me the server for MOL is down,
but she has signed me on, bless her heart.  I'm so anxious
to hear from all of you.  Send me messages!  I'm doing just
fine.  There's been a layoff at the law firm, and guess
what?  You guessed it!  Three of the attorneys walked out
the door in a huff -- the three I worked with the most --
and they are all going into practice by themselves, so they
can't afford me.  My department was eliminated and so was
I.  I'm trying to start a little paralegal business from
home, and I already have a few clients.  We'll see how it
goes.  I'm kind of excited about it, but scared, too.  I'm
doing fine health-wise -- feel wonderful.  How about you?
Love to all -- Kathy in Boise

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