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[MOL] Attn: Ann Dunn !

It is nice to meet you MS Dunn and hopefully you will be able to let us know when the problem of signing on can be fixed?  I sent Fred 5 new name's today alone.  We normally averaged 114 e-mails a day and have dwindled.  The service for signing on was down for almost three weeks around the Christmas holidays and was a big crunch on the number of members, now it is down again and has been for a week or more. Certainly you understand that the members of this forum work diligently to offer assistance to new members and find it frustrating when they see their hard work being undermined by a sign on problem. I have been on the forum for four year's and it had only gone down once for a couple of days the first three years.  We would really appreciate it if you could get this problem taken care of and will send you new members e-mail addresses to manually sign on for them.  Thanks bunches, your friend, lillian
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From: Ann Dunn
To: mol-cancer@lists.meds.com
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2000 4:41 PM

Hi Molers!
I oversee the Mol Cancer Forum.  If you are having problems signing on to the Cancer Forum, please E-mail me directly at adunn@meds.com.  DO NOT E-MAIL FRED at fred@inet911.com.  Fred controls the servers, but he does not sign people on or off the forum.  I can sign you on manually.  Thank you for your help.
Ann Dunn
Operations Manager
UltiTech, Inc.
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From: Lillian
To: mol
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 11:56 PM

Well, newbies can't register on our forum, this seems to be becoming an ongoing thing. The last time the problem went on for three weeks almost closing down the forum. If we get someone who is new we need to do the following:
Yes, this does seem to be a problem.  Until it gets fixed you can send the email address of those who should be added and I will add them.
Regards  Send the new persons e-mail address mailto:to:  fred@inet911.com
Please help with this, our forum is too good to loose.