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[MOL] Hi, Lil

Just back from my walk, sun is shining and feels like spring, bulbs
coming up and some people already gardening. Next week it will probably
snow. So will need the red fleecies! 

What is a super walmart. We have the ordinary kind but we only went
once. Too big. Felt like Leacock in a bank.

Feeling tired but pretty good. Stopped by the doctors to pick up my two
monthly results. Liver enzymes which were up 200% above normal in Feb
are now in normal range. CA125 is 57 down from 89, TSH down to 4.2 a bit
out of range but better than 6.2. T4 is within normal range. Beats me
but I'll take it. Isn't that great.

Is someone with the princess? She is in my thoughts and prayers. Also
Suzanne. So sorry to hear she is not doing well. Jeanne
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