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Re: [MOL] Explanation of lynphoma, mycocis fungoides

I can't tell you much in detail about this disease but I'd urge a second and 
even third opinion before starting on treatment options. WE got four for my 
husband's lung cancer.  Checking an old best doctor list, for what that's 
worth, some names of specialists in lyphoma are Morton Coleman, NY Hospital, 
Carol Portlock and David Straus, Sloan Kettering--if I find a more recent 
issue I'll let you  know.  In the meantime, if you do an internet search for 
best doctors, it should take you to the Connolly best doctor site for some 
recommendations.  Unless one institution is offering a really unique 
treatment, I'd go for a doctor you LIKE and TRUST in a major medical center.  
All the best.  Bess
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